Aleppo Refugees Emergency Appeal

Please help Al Fatiha Global build a second refugee camp inside Syria, for the 100,000 besieged civilians that were recently evacuated from Aleppo.  Idlib council has donated the land to Al Fatiha Global for the camp.

These civilians have been living under siege and are extremely malnourished. After being evacuated to Idlib Al Fatiha Global has been called upon by Idlib Council to help support this large influx of refugees.

In the absence of building materials, volunteers in Idlib, have been trying to build mud houses for the civilians from Aleppo. There is a serious shortage on foam mattresses and blankets for the mud houses they’ve prepared. Existing families in Idlib, who are able to host, refugees from Aleppo, are also without surplus mattresses and blankets.

Their will not be enough mud houses prepared for the civilians from Aleppo. The last to be removed from Aleppo, will be forced to live exposed to the elements. Syrian winter, on the sides of mountains, is very harsh and lasts over months.

Refugee Camp For Aleppo Refugees In Syria

In response to the mass displacement of 100,000 civilians from Aleppo to neighbouring region of Idlib. Idlib Council has offered Al Fatiha Global free land, with the potential to build a 600 tent refugee camp. The refugee camp can accommodate over 5% of the recently displaced people from the eastern Aleppo.  The campsite is sited in Reef Idlib, North of the city of Idlib, near the Turkish Border far from any fighting.

The figure is low, compared to the reward for being part of a project like this. Your donations, will save the lives of 600 families, who have endured the most horrific conflict for over 5 years. We can also promise you that you will benefit from the prayers of the distressed and we all know the prayers of the distressed go straight to the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth.

The proposal is to clear the ground in 100 tent increments, so we can begin accommodating refugees immediately. Existing arrangements for sending food and hygiene products via the container appeal can be scaled up to contribute to the anticipated increase in food needed.

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