Al-Fatiha Global, have never viewed other charities as ‘the competition’.  We recognise the strengths of other charities and strive to keep cost down by commissioning trustworthy organisations to deliver on our behalf.

All our delivery in Gaza has been done through a local partner, this includes aid packs, Qurbani and water tanks for families.  All our delivery in Jammu and Kashmir is done through a charity registered in Jammu and Kashmir.  In Turkey/Syria, we have never been shy about approaching other charities with varying specialisms to meet the needs of those we are helping.

In 2015, we began the process of securing land for 5 years, to build a refugee camp. In 2016, we purchased and installed 100 tents with stoves suitable for cooking and heating, including vents to prevent respiratory problems for inhabitants and provided the refugees with blankets and sleeping bags.  By May we finished fundraising for a deep borehole, pump and generator. The camp manager has negotiated with another charity to provide the fuel for the generator and a commitment to maintain and repair the water supply.

Since then we have worked in partnership with charities in Europe and Asia to ensure a regular supply of aid to those seeking shelter at the camp.