As the number of conflicts, humanitarian crises and natural disasters rise globally, there is an increasing responsibility to help provide aid to those suffering. Al Fatiha Global was established with an ethos to restore humanity in impoverished areas, to bring peace and happiness to those who desperately require it, through the implementation of essential life-saving projects.

Our objective has always remained to help the oppressed around the world, delivering much needed medical aid, supporting educational institutions, facilitating irrigation projects and helping the less fortunate to restore their livelihoods again. We view this objective as an obligation upon us to help those whose circumstances have left them in a vulnerable position and will endeavour to fulfil our promises to the best of our abilities Insha’Allah.

We need YOUR help to do this.  Collectively we can make such a big difference!

Our projects were set up in some of the most volatile conflict zones in the world including Syria and Palestine. Over the next year, we are looking to increase our efforts in Jammu & Kashmir, where we have already sucessfully implemented relief work, in the up coming year we are also looking to provide relief for the needy in Yemen.

The unwavering dedication to help the vulnerable in these areas, which at times have been abandoned by the international community, has been the driving force for our dedicated and passionate volunteers.