Rohingya Refugees suffer a devasting Cyclone in Cox's Bazar.

Over a million people had been reported to have been evacuated in coastal Bangladesh as cyclone Mora made landfall on the 30 May 2017. With a wind speed of 128kmph, thousands of houses were completely destroyed.

There was no provision to evacuate over half a million Rohingya refugees, their makeshift huts were largely destroyed. Any provision they had have been lost. Al Fatiha Global is currently assessing the damage, we will need your support to organise relief efforts.

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Check out the Rohingya Aid Distribution done in early June by Al Fatiha Global Volunteers Andew and Liz.


The Security Situation In Burma/Myanmar Means We Cannot Help The Rohingya Refugees Inside Myanmar.

The number of Rohingya refugees (and their descendants)  in Bangladesh is reported to be almost 1 Million now in Bangladesh with only 10% refugees able to receive aid in the UN registered camps.Next Project in 2017.

Human rights organisations have reported horrific crimes against the Rohingya, their homes and villages have been burned down and destroyed, children were taken away and killed, women violently raped, civilians brutally beaten before being burned.(1)

These undocumented Rohingya refugees fled injured and traumatised, with whatever was at hand.  Many swam across or bribed boatmen to take them across to Bangladesh, They live in makeshift huts, without access to food, medicine or education.

Through your contributions, we hope to provide: 

  • Shelters to ease immediate suffering
  • Essential food products 
  • Essential medical aid to    refugee camps 
  • Water sanitation - wells, hand pumps 
  • Education Centers
  • Orphanages 
  • Basic health care
  • Emergency response unit
  • Medicines
  • Household essentials, e.g., mosquito nets, bedding, etc. 

Previous Updates

Completion of Shelters, Toilets, and Hand Water Pumps in partnership with Walsall and Black Country Rohingya Support Group

Rohingya Food Distribution In Early June 2017, In Cox Bazar.

Assessment Of Damage Of Rohingya In Cox Bazar Following Cyclone Mora, Making Landfall.

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If you would like to know more about the whats happening on the ground, consider reading Gya Arakan By Liz Mys, Andrew Day, it's an excellent book that is recommended reading for anyone wishes to help.

The Rohingya have been designated as one of the world's most persecuted ethnic minorities by the United Nations. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled to neighbouring countries to escape the violence and persecution in their native homeland of Myanmar. Bangladesh hosts the largest population of refugees. This book describes the dire conditions the refugees are living in, personalises their daily struggles and captures the execrable situation in the camps and the hope of Rohingya refugees in spite of their suffering. The book provides an in-depth description and tells the stories from the refugees.

It can be obtained from