Spotlight is a Syrian initiative that facilitates coordination between Humanitarian Organisations and Independent Syrian filmmakers, to submit videos stories of people inside Syria.

Aisha's story

Heart-wrenching story of a mother that was forced to leave her destroyed home, fleeing airstrikes and constant bombings.

Aisha looks after her son, her dead brother's son, her younger brother, two sisters and a disabled father.

For the last two days, Aisha opened her fast by being satisfied that her children had something to eat. She say's, "It's as though I've eaten."

Update On Aisha Story

Thanks to an outpour of support from generous souls living in different parts of the world, we are happy to share with you that Aisha and her family have been sponsored and will receive monthly support, to pay for their food and necessities!

We returned to visit the family with the good news and to also provide a hot meal for iftar, along with fresh fruits, vegetables and toys for the children.

We've been overwhelmed by the amount of emails and messages of support received once this story was shared online. We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for all your kindness and generosity.

With only a little, you can change the life of another FOREVER.

Many thanks to our partner, Spotlight Syria, for bringing us these heart-wrenching stories and for showing us the extent of the suffering in Syria.

There are many families just like Aisha. Help us ease the suffering and Together, we can make a Difference.

Spotlight Aisha

Part of the Spotlight Syria Series

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Transcript of video

I have nothing left.  Our home was destroyed. We fled to escape the airstrikes and the constant bombings. 
Now we survive with the help of strangers. We sell our monthly food pack so we can live. 

I can take care of my son and my nephew after my brother was killed. Also, my younger brother and two sisters. My father is disabled. I'm responsible for taking care of them all.

I work wherever I can. I can make 50p-70p a day and we live off that. (275 Syrian pounds is 1 UK Pound)

My nephew asks me to show him videos of his dead father. 
I tell him that his grandfather is his father.
He says, no.
He says, "Mummy, this is my father and he is dead. My father is in Paradise."

We all used to live in one home. We were settled and happy. We would eat and drink together. We were all very happy.

We Break our Ramadan fast with the oil that we get. We put it on a plate and eat it with bread. God knows that this is the truth.

As for me. I can cope with the hunger. Most days I don't eat. But what about my children?

For two days now. I haven't had anything to open my fast with. Not one bit of food. I'm satisfied when I see the children eat. It's as though I've eaten. By God, I haven't opened fast in two days. I can cope without food but they cannot. My body has learnt to cope, but their bodies can't cope.

We can never afford anything on Eid. I try to cheer them up and make them happy like other kids but I don't have the ability. I don't have the money to buy them clothes for Eid, to be like other kids. Other kids tell them their parents have brought them new things. They ask me, why don't you buy things for us?

I cry and tell them tomorrow.

To those outside living happily in their homes, don't you see what is happening to the orphans?

Give some of that happiness you have to the orphans. Can you not give some of it to the orphans?

Please help all the orphans, not just the ones in my care.

I pray that every orphan feels the same happiness that everyone else feels. Make them feel as though they have not lost their parents. Make them feel as though there are good people in the world. That good people exist and are waiting to help them.