In Memory

Syeda Husaina

As salaamu Alaykum. We recently lost our daughter, Syeda Husaina. In memory of our angel, We have started a project, Al-Husaina Trust. Our aim is to help poor Syeds with their basic needs. Whether it's food, medical, educational or financial assistance with getting married.

We spend hundreds on celebrating Mawlids because of our love for the Prophet but what about his family? We're feeding greedy egos yet we don't prioritise where our concerns should be to help others as Allah helps us.

This work will be ongoing. Our first project will be to help a Syeda getting married in Pakistan. The family are very poor. I need your help to make this wedding one of the happiest moments of her life. My target is £1000 which will cover the cost of a simple wedding. Any donations over will be used for other projects dedicated to Syeds.

The Prophet has said he will intercede for four types of people:-

1) Those who have given due respect to my descendants
2) Those who have fulfilled any requirement of my descendants
3) Those who have provided subsistence to my descendants in their time of need
4) And those who have loved my descendants

Please make intention to give as a gift (as shariah doesn't permit Syeds to take zakat or sadqa)

Abu Huraira reported that Hasan b. 'Ali took one of the dates of the sadaqa and put it in his mouth, whereupon the Prophet said: Leave it, leave it, throw it; don't you know that we do not eat the sadaqa?

Hazrath Junaid Al Baghdadi RA was a famous wrestler who sacrificed his name, his honour and position at one of his wrestling matches with a Syed, so that his component could claim the prize money and feed his family. In return Junaid RA was blessed with the title "Friend of Allah".

Wants and desires will never come to an end. We were not created to feel satisfied. However, true happiness lies in helping others. Please donate generously.

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