The number of people facing the extreme dangers of sleeping rough has more than doubled between Autumn 2010, and Autumn 2015, and the figures are still getting worse.

Most homeless people were kicked out of their home due to the end of an assured-shorthold tenancy. As private renting increases, security in tenure has been decreasing.

Most begin this downwards journey by sleeping on friends sofas while, seeking help from the state. Since they were not technically homeless they were the lowest priority for receiving help from other charities. 

After exhausting the list of friends whose sofas they can sleep on, they find themselves being blamed for being homeless; some have even been accused of being intentionally homeless because they failed to find alternative accommodation whilst they had a chance.

Many of these young sleepers have mental health issues or learning difficulties, who find it impossible to access services.  Services that have disappeared entirely thanks to funding cuts.

These mostly young single men, often with unmet mental health issues, without any money to pay for a deposit they are unable to rent and end up sleeping on the streets. 

With so many people sleeping rough, people are becoming desensitised to the situation, It’s becoming a normal state of affairs in most people’s eyes.  Many are victims of assault by those who see them as less than human.

Homeless Street Distribution

It is our job to provide essentials to those who need it most. We take so much of our luxuries for granted so lets work together to: fight hunger and tackle food waster.

Al Fatiha Global is running a Homeless Street Distribution project in Birmingham, for this project we seek donations of, or purchase pallets of food, thermal clothing, sleeping bags, we also purchase clothing such as hats/gloves/scarves etc.

Our volunteers go into Birmingham City Centre looking for people who have been sleeping rough and in need of food and water.

The team are on the ground after dark, they will arrange a time between after 7.30pm and before 11pm, so go and hand out hot/cold food and fluids. Meals typically consist of soup, sandwiches, paninis, rice, snack bars, crisps, biscuits, water, fizzy drinks and teas and coffees.

Your help and generous donations towards this project has made it a success thus far, please continue your support.

Our Commitments Include:

  • organising after-dark street distributions in the City Centre.
  • allocating funds to buy pallets of food, to make food packs and distributing these to those sleeping on the streets.
  • Making arrangements for surplus food from Al Fatiha Global’s fund raising events, to be re-heated by the caterers and packed and ready for collection by organisations providing assistance to Homeless and Needy in locally.
  • Where donated food items are unsuitable for shipping to Syria, to donate these items to Help the Homeless and Needy locally.

Help by

Signing up as a volunteer to help with street distributions, volunteers will help prepare distribution packs and then help distribute packs to those sleeping rough.

Donate funds to the Homelessness campaign.

Create your own fundraising page, raise the funds and work with us to get involved in distributing the aid you collected.