Before you create a fundraising page please read the following guidance.

You need to be able to answer the Questions 1-5 below.

Q1: Title for my fundraising page

Your name and what you are fundraising for makes a good title (e.g. Adams' Aleppo Appeal).

Q2: Summary

This is used by our website to help describe what the page is about. People can't see this text, when they are on your page. One sentence is sufficient to get to the heart of what you’re raising money for.

Q3: Post content

Explain why you are raising money, how you are doing it, and why the cause means so much to you. 

They might look small, but they pack a big punch. Updating your supporters on how things are going, how close you are to your target, how your training is working out, or just saying thanks for all their help will keep them engaged with your story and fundraising. 

Make sure you include the donations you’ve received by cash and cheque so that all of your efforts can be seen. 

Q4: How much are you hoping to raise?

Setting a target creates momentum and gives you a goal to focus on. Aim for the minimum you need to make your good thing happen.

Q5: Choose an appeal to support

Select the Appeal you wish to support from the drop down list. If you are unsure select General Humanitarian Fund.

Events, Images, Video links are optional, Notifications will enable you to keep up to date, on how the fundraiser is doing.  You will need to tick the Confirmation Boxes before your page can be Submitted for approval.

Are you taking part in one of our events?

Is the fundraiser part of an existing Al Fatiha Global event, if so select that event.

Add an image

Let your picture do some talking too. Grab your smartphone or digital camera and capture something that helps to tell your story. People like people, so show your supporters the faces of the person or community who’ll benefit from your hard work.

Add a video

Al Fatiha Global has a number of video's on Youtube, that might be suitable to promote your fundraiser, or you might have a video of your own that is appropriate to share.

Notify me when someone comments on this post

Tick this box, and it will be easier to keep your supporters engaged.

I confirm that I have the right to use all the pictures and videos in this post and I am happy for them to appear on this website

You have to confirm that you have the right to use the media on your fundraising page.

Register with Al Fatiha Global

Your will need to provide your Name and Email Address. 
You will be sent an email confirming you are the owner of the email you have registered with, please confirm, so your fundraiser can be sent to moderators for approval. 


The page will be submitted to our moderators for approval.

You are now ready to set up a Fundraising Page for your chosen project, invite your friends, family and colleagues to get involved and support you. 
Create a fundraiser