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A personal appeal from Zahra Waqas of Rawalkot, Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you.

I’m a 23 year-old woman from a very poor family, who always counted my blessing and tried to be a dutiful daughter to my parents. Despite our poverty, I received a marriage proposal, from a good family which I accepted and vowed to be the best daughter-in-law possible to my new family.

I didn’t have much, but there is no greater wealth than having a family and for this, I praised Allah every day.  When I was given the news that I was pregnant with my first child, like all expectant mothers this was the happiest day of my life.  I was eager to tell my new family and we were the happiest family in the whole world. 

Leukaemia Diagnosis

I felt a little weak during my pregnancy and concerned about my unborn child, my in-laws took me to visit the doctor. The doctors have diagnosed me with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.  The expected cost of the Chemotherapy is over 1.5 million Pak Rupees, which is more money than anyone in my family has ever seen.

My husband didn’t know what to do since he had no way of helping me. He cried about his family not having the money to treat his wife.  They told him that he would eventually get over me, re-marry and continue with his life.  My in-laws then contacted my parents and told them they were returning me, like an unwanted gift. 

I’ve lost my family and all I see in my parents' eyes the pain I have caused them, and I’m so sorry that I have hurt them. I wish I had stayed at home and looked after my parents instead of getting married. 

Lying in a hospital bed, during the month of Ramadan, in my distress I cried out to Allah to make things easy for my parents.

Story of Prophet Ayyub (Job)

A stranger told me to have patience and that the duahs of the distressed are not answered by people, they are answered by Allah.  True enough my plight reached Al Fatiha Global and they agreed to raise funds for my treatment.  A brother from the charity relayed the following to me.

And remember Ayyub (Job), when he cried to his Lord: “Verily, distress has seized me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.” - Surah Al-Anbiya (21:83)

They told me my story was like Prophet Ayyub (as), he had lost, everything, but he never lost patience in Allah.  They told me that the duahs of the distressed reach Allah and asked me to make duah for the work the charity does and that they would try and raise funds for my treatment.

You can help By:

  • Contributing Zakat or Sadakah towards Zahra Waqas's treatment.
  • Making heartfelt duahs, for Zahra during Ramadan.
  • Sharing Zahra's appeal with all your family and friends.

Our goal is to raise the £14,000 Zahra needs to receive her treatment.

Help us spread the word and assist us in raising the funds needed save Zahra's life.

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