Naida Dukovic

Over the past six years, Syrian women have been left to face some of the most traumatic life experiences. Just about every woman you meet, has lost a loved one in a heart-wrenching story. Many have lost the bread winners of the family and have been forced to leave their homes, including everything they once knew, while others, tragically, have been physically abused or raped. This sector of society has been completely forgotten by aid organisations. These women are suffering with severe psychological issues that require long term rehabilitation, in order to improve their lives and the future of their children.

In Syria, there is a massive void in humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation services for women, therefore, providing housing, critical aid and psychological services to those suffering most, is extremely important.

Our aim is to establish a widows and orphans housing facility that caters for the women who been left with no one to provide for them or their children. This housing complex will include a variety of vital services and provide aid to some of the neediest families.

Women and their children would be pre-selected based on certain criteria. Women and children who have been victims of traumatic experiences such as witnessing violence or death, have missing loved ones, and/or are of those who suffer from PTSD, depression, or other mental health problems, will be considered.

The housing complex will be a gated premises, so as to ensure the safety and security of the women and children. The building will consist of eight individual apartments, having two (2) bedrooms and one (1) bathroom within each unit.

Private and group counseling sessions will be offered three days a week for both women and children. Each family will be sponsored and provided with monthly support along with food parcels, in order to help cover all their necessities. The women will be strongly encouraged to attend educational and developmental courses aimed at empowering them and becoming self-sufficient. Children, ages 12 and under, will be provided with an education as well.

We are confident that this humanitarian assistance will help support several women in dire need and will be an extremely important stepping stone to becoming self-sufficient.

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Naida Dukovic