Yasmin Chowdhury

Syrians have been suffering for far too long under the Assad regime. We see far too many Images and videos of Syrians being abused, dying or actually dead. Those that manage to survive the civilian bombings have no solid roof over their heads, no food or water, and have lost all their belongings.

Children are so traumatised that they lose their voice. Families have not only been displaced,but they have been torn apart, as people go missing or when members of families die.

I logged into my social media account and I see an image of the back of two toddlers wrapped in a white shroud. They are being held onto by their father. The caption read 'Twin Toddlers die in Gas Attack in Idlib'.

I scroll down and see graphic images of people suffering from the Gas attack. Then I come across a picture of the twins when they were alive and healthy. They were only 9 months old. Only 6 months younger than my daughter. They were Ayah and Ahmed. They, along with their mother died due to the poison from the gas. Their father lost his wife, kids and other members of his family.

The initial picture I saw of Ayah, with her curly short hair reminded me of my daughter so much. Whilst my daughter slept safe and sound in her cot, a man has buried his twin toddlers and wife. I should feel at peace that my daughter is safe, but I am not at ease knowing how innocent people are being brutally murdered and are suffering under the hands of a tyrant.

I can pray for the Syrians, for God to protect them and ease their pain and suffering. But I can also try and fundraise as much as I can. All money raised will go towards AFG, who provide medical assistance,shelter, food, water and clothes for the Syrians. We may not be powerful enough to prevent another Ayah and Ahmed, but we can help those that have been affected by the war and prevent deaths caused by injury and poverty.

How do I plan on doing this?

Spring is upon us, and hopefully we won't see rain for a while. People are out having BBQs, taking trips to the nearest beach, revising for exams in the sun, and walking in parks.

My daughter and I, along with other parents and their children, our little Ayah's and Ahmed's, will be doing a 3 mile walk in order to raise money for the people of Syria. There will be babies in buggies, toddlers in strollers and children of all ages participating.

Please donate generously. All money raised will go to Al Fatiha Global who are on the ground helping Syrians.

Even the smallest of change will make a huge difference to them.

Thank you for your support.

Yasmin Chowdhury