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Spotlight is a Syrian initiative that facilitates coordination between Humanitarian Organisations and Independent Syrian filmmakers, to submit videos stories of people inside Syria.

Unspoken. Unheard. Unseen.

Syrians are tired of re-telling their stories to journalists in the hope of eventually getting some aid from some charity moved by their plight.  Often those in remote locations telling their stories get no aid because aid runs out before it reaches them. 

The donations received as a result of spotlight videos will be used to purchase aid exclusively for the communities featured in spotlight videos. For this fundraiser, we have agreed to absorb all the admin & transaction costs including credit card payment fees.

Bringing you real life stories of those living in war-torn Syria.

We may be powerless to end the conflict, but by giving a voice to the voiceless victims, we can contribute to improving their situation and make a difference in their lives a little bit better.

Watch this space for follow-up videos involving the same families when aid is delivered to them.
Al Fatiha Global