Shiraz Girach

My name is Shiraz Girach i am currently off work due ill health. I am a graduate in Accounting and Finance. I have worked with many companies as an Assistant Accountant.

Due to not being well has made me realise the less fortunate people in this world need our help. My family and friends have greatly supported me in my hard times, but not all the people in Gaza have this support. Which is why I hope to raise some money to support and help the people of Gaza.

My heart goes out to the people of Palestine due to the hardships they have been enduring  for over 50 years of conflict.

Many have lived a life of refugee and economic blockage has left the people unable to leave, restricting essential services such as healthcare and education.

I feel saddened to here of the shortage in power leaving hospital, school and business struggling to carry on as normal. Most of the water supply has been deemed unfit for human. More the 80% of the Gaza people are in desperate need of our help.

This is my first project raising money for the Gaza. I am hopeful that everyone will help me raise the targeted amount which is £5,000 Inshalllah.

All funds will be used for the following areas:-

* Delivering Humanitarian Aid Inside Gaza
* Gaza Food Pack
* Water Tanks in Gaza
* Providing help to the orphans

Please don’t delay and donate in this good cause and with sincere intentions always comes great reward.

Shiraz Girach