Rukhsana Hussain
Sewing Skills for life - Azad Kashmir
Rukhsana Hussain
This project intends to help marginalized and vulnerable girls and women from remote/rural areas in Azad Kashmir- by addressing the issues through sewing machine skills and training, plus enable them to learn other social issues such as society issues and their fundamental rights.
Classrooms are already available, so we are aiming for 25 sewing machines . By providing these girls and women can benefit immensely.
Apart from gaining sewing machine skills training, the girls and women will be able to learn other serious issues such as oppression and discrimination they face in their daily lives. They will also be able to learn from each other and be given a VOICE  
Can you support and facilitate this. Can you donate towards this life skill of Empowerment and Self confidence. 
Surely they have the right to earn a living and feed their families. 
£135 per person is the cost for training, supply and maintenance of each sewing machine. 
Sewing Skills for life
Rukhsana Hussain