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Collaboration campaign with Mini Muslim Playground and Al Fatiha Global.
AFG and MMP are collaborating to raise funds for brand new products from the MMP range, whatever is raised through this campaign, we will purchase essentials to send to Syria via AFG Syria container Appeal.

Mini Muslim Playground has teamed up with some suppliers to get the maximum amount for the donations we receive. So to give all those an idea of where the money will be spent:

£250 enables us to purchase - 83 brand new baby soft blankets.
£250 enables us to purchase 60 brand new jumpers for children
£250 enables us to purchase 90 new baby-grows.
£250 enables us to purchase 60-100 games and books.
(approx figures)

All donations will go straight to the cost of the clothes/games/blankets/toys and more. No money will be made by Mini Muslim Playground.

A little more about Mini Muslim Playground and the project

Mini Muslim Playground was set up to make products available to Mini Muslims around the World to help educate them about our beautiful religion Islam. Mini Muslim Playground has also wanted to help those less fortunate and have been given an opportunity to do so alongside Al Fatiha Global.

Alhamdulillah we now have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of less fortunate children around the World who suffer in silence. We will be working alongside Al Fatiha Global to help make even a difference to the lives of Brothers and Sisters and Mini Muslims around the World.

Working with Al Fatiha Global

Al Fatiha Global already do such an amazing job Alhamdulillah and we are EXTREMELY excited to be working alongside them in making a difference. Through our network of Suppliers and working with Al Fatiha Global we plan to arrange for baby clothing, blankets, kids clothing, kids toys, kid’s books, and everything that helps bring a smile to Mini Muslims faces, sent over to these less fortunate in Syria. May Allah give these children happiness, safety and success in their lives through the hard work of Al Fatiha Global and other charities, Ameen

How will my donation help make a difference.
By supporting and donating towards this campaign, together we will be able to send more NEW toys, blankets and essentials to Syrian children.

Please share and donate generously 

Al Fatiha Global