Parwez Hussain

The people of Kashmir need your help.

Indian Administered Kashmir, a forgotten conflict with more than 214,000 orphans, 66% without clean and safe water, only 65% literacy rate and tens of thousands of widows, half widows and elderly people with no care or support.

With one military personnel for every eight civilians in the Kashmir Valley, it is the most densely militarised zone in the world. Nearly 50% of the population facing mental distress and trauma, according to a leading Indian newspaper.

A £300 hand Pump

Two-thirds of the population have little or no access to clean and safe water while the rest have had to find their own alternatives. The terrain of Kashmir is very mixed with many villages and towns living in far flung locations where transportation is limited. 

With your support and donations, we can provide hand water pumps in areas where it is unavailable. A £300 – per hand pump, can only be installed where the water is very close to the surface and can provide drinking water for 10 families.

If you are unable to cover the costs of a hand pump, you can contribute any amount towards the cost and we will combine your donation with other donors to ensure the hand pump is installed.

If you would like a name plaque on your hand pump, please email so we can make arrangements.

Parwez Hussain