Spotlight Humanity

Fleeing the violence of war ravaged Iraq, this family were forced to flee to Syria. What this family has been through is beyond our wildest imagination.

From being forced out of their homes, having their life savings stolen by smugglers, and now being homeless, it seems like their hardships are endless.

Despite enduring all the hardships of severals wars lasting decades and having lost everything, this family never lost it's ability to feel compassion. 

Over the years, this family has welcomed other neglected souls into it's extended family and now consists of 53 people, 7 of whom are widows and 28 of whom are young children.

Without a permanent home for shelter, no school for the children and no work to sustain themselves, they have the bleakest of prospects.

Help us build communal housing for this family and other extended families like them, who despite having everything taken from them,  never gave up their humanity.

Spotlight Humanity