Mahbub Uddin

Salaam guys, it's me again looking for your generous support again! InshaAllah I'll be running the Manchester Half Marathon (13.1 miles) on Sunday 15th October. My intention was to just run for fun but knowing what's going on I couldn't not try and help. This time my efforts are concentrating on Burma/Rohingya crisis...

Unfortunately, as usual we don't see or hear much from the media but we have to open our eyes and see the atrocities that are happening.

Over 500, 000 Rohingya have fled the violence and killings in Burma and crossed over into Bangladesh. These refugees URGENTLY need our help. Many women have been raped and forced to abandon their homes and flee with their children. There is nobody to protect them. WHAT WILL YOU DONATE TO HELP TODAY?

Your donations will go to provide the most basic of needs that we take for granted. These include FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING AND MEDICINES.

Would you not want people to help you if you found yourself in this horrific situation? PLEASE DONT JUST LOOK ON. DONATE AND HELP TODAY WITH WHATEVER CONTRIBUTION YOU CAN MAKE.


Mahbub Uddin