Parwez Hussain

Al Fatiha Global is running a Homeless Street Distribution project in Birmingham, for this project we seek donations of food and hygiene items, or funds towards purchasing of pallets of food, thermal clothing, sleeping bags, we also purchase clothing such as hats/gloves/scarves etc.

Our volunteers go into Birmingham City Centre looking for people who have been sleeping rough and in need of food and warmth.

The team are on the ground after dark, they will arrange a time between after 7.30pm and before 11pm, so go and hand out hot/cold food and fluids. Meals typically consist of soup, sandwiches, paninis, rice, snack bars, crisps, biscuits, water, fizzy drinks and teas and coffees.

Help by

Signing up as a volunteer to help with street distributions, volunteers will help prepare distribution packs and then help distribute packs to those sleeping rough.

Donating funds to the campaign, at the link above

Parwez Hussain