Parwez Hussain

Emergency CELOX Appeal

Al Fatiha Global have been at the forefront helping victims of war inside Syria since 2013. Civilians are injured every day and die from blood loss, before they can reach medical care. We are making an international appeal to send 35g packets of Celox. This will enable non-medics to stop Syrians from bleeding to death.

Many Syrians choose to live in their shattered homes, and they are paying a high price for remaining in Syria. Help save their lives.

Hospitals are being constantly bombed and medics are being targeted in Syria. CELOX enables non-medics to significantly reduce blood loss, saving a life when little or no medical aid is available.

Only hand full of doctors remain in parts of Syria with over 95% having been killed, detained or forced to flee for their lives. Celox can be used by anyone giving a victim a chance of survival.

Please support and donate generously to save lives.

Save a Life by Text

Text: AFG £10 to 70660 [Any amount up to £10 – Standard Network Rates Apply]

Parwez Hussain