Naeem Brisco

I began by supporting many charitable organisations and campaigns which have included various homeless projects, helping the flood victims in Cumbria, raising awareness for mental health and dialysis. I also visit schools to talk about our charity work and present a radio show discussing issues important to the community. 

The one thing that has moved me the most, however, was the refugee crisis. The heart-breaking images compelled some brothers and me to travel to Calais to distribute emergency aid and food to the refugees. Since that significant visit to Calais, I have travelled to many countries such as Germany, Macedonia and the Greek island of Lesbos to distribute food and aid. 

I have only been able to achieve this is because of the support of my family, friends and last and most important, the people who donated, because without their support and help I could not have done what I wanted to do. We are now registered as a charity and are looking for volunteers to help us with our upcoming projects. Please help us to achieve our goals. 

Winter time for many brings thoughts of celebration, holidays, time spent with family and sledging in the snow, but for those trapped in refugee camps, where below freezing temperatures can make simply surviving a daily struggle, winter is the darkest time of the year. In some areas of Northern Greece, temperatures can reach minus 18°c, and hypothermia and frostbite are not uncommon. Overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions cause diseases to spread quickly, and the cold weather exacerbates illnesses such as respiratory infections and influenza, which, if untreated, can become life threatening for the most vulnerable.

Aid is needed greater than ever during the winter, but refugees are not receiving the help they depend upon, and many suffer needlessly as they do not have access to adequate essentials, camps remain overcrowded and unprepared for winter, with people living outdoors in tents or in makeshift shelters with no insulation or heating.
We know that money can be particularly tight around this time of year, but if you can, please spare a little to support our work so that we may continue to provide help to those living in refugee camps in Greece during this difficult time. Feel free to share this post to spread the word. We appreciate all the support you can give – everything helps.
Please don’t forget refugees this winter.

"With sincere intention always comes great reward"

Naeem Brisco