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Helping with event related tasks, under the supervision of a colleague.  As a charity we run a number of events, and these are a great opportunity to get to know fellow volunteers to decide if volunteering with Al Fatiha Global is for you. Complete the volunteers Expression of Interest form to be invited to help at an event.

E2: Assisting with Event Preparation

Join your local events team and take on roles, based on your skill-set and time constraints.  You will be supported by your events organiser, Events volunteers can choose to be part of the full journey from pre-planning, event delivery and post event evaluation.

E3: Organising Events

Lead your own team of events volunteers, plan and cost out your own event, seek sponsors and contribute to the pool of resources that make an event successful.  You can decide which appeal(s) you wish to dedicate your event to. You will submit your event proposal with costings to the fundraising and publicity trustees sub-committee for approval.

E4: Building and Managing Regional Events Team

Dedicated Events Volunteers, with a track record of successful events, will join the fundraising and publicity trustees sub-committee in planning the calendar of events for the year.