Al-Fatiha Global, has made a arrangements with a number of NGO's, charities, wholesalers, in UK, Turkey and Syria. This enables us to get a pallet of food or Hygiene products into Syria.  The cost per purchasing a pallet is £150 and the distribution cost works out at approx £100 per pallet.

Feb 2017: Road to Freedom Delivery

Our team in Syria distributed a container of aid donated by Road to Freedom. Food packs and clothing were distributed to some of the neediest families in Idlib, Aleppo and Latakia countryside. Heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many.

Jan 2017: Hope for Humanity Delivery

Heartfelt thanks to Hope for Humanity for donating this container of aid that reached many recently displaced refugees in Syria and families taking shelter in tents. This video footage is of the aid delivery made in Latakia, Idlib and Aleppo Countryside.  Contact us for ways to get involved and how you can send your own container of aid to help the suffering Syrian people.

November 2016: Unite 4 Humanity container distribution

Al Fatiha Global, partnered with Unite 4 Humanity for a container distribution in Northern Syria.

Unite 4 Humanity, provided us with a container full of food, clothing, baby supplies and other much need humanitarian aid for Syrian Internally Displaced People in northern Syria. The Syrian families in Reef Latakia and in the Idlib and Aleppo Countryside, thanked and prayed for all involved.

Distribution Costs

£100 covers the cost of distributing a pallet of food.  The contents of a container is based on the needs of Syrians, as identified by our partners inside Syria.  We get feedback on each container and we use this feedback to adjust the mix of aid in the next container. Distribution costs covers the cost of hiring all the necessary transport, the cost of loading a shipping container, including forklift trucks, shipping costs, port fees, costs for clearing customs, onward overland transportation across Turkey, distribution costs inside Syria, which includes hiring vehicles inside Syria to get the food to remote villages. Thanks to dedicated teams of volunteers, both in the UK, Turkey and Syria, many of the costs of sorting and loading aid are avoided. 

Careful examination of the videos shows, the vehicle used get smaller and smaller as we distribute deeper into Syria. Until the aid is distributed in the boots of car and on the backs of motorbikes.  The term distribution cost, doesn't make it obvious that a large part of these are incurred inside Syria.  Since the distribution to smaller settlements inside Syria, is undertaken  by Syrians the beneficaries of these distribution costs are Syrians.

We take reasonable steps to keep distribution costs, as low as possible, this includes utilising, where available the services of volunteers, at our refugee camp in Latakia, Syria.  These volunteers help sort the aid for onwards distribution inside Syria.  During peak seasons like Ramadan, we avoid settlements closer to the Turkish border, because they receive a glut of aid from International charities, who hop over the border, dump the aid, take pictures and hop back out.

Working with other Charities

Our volunteers coordinate with other charities inside Syria, and we inform each other about the needs at various locations in the hope that someone else can step in.  In the UK the impression from volunteers, is one of charities competing with each other. In Northern Syria, there are so few charities there, we feel overwhelmed by the need. When we come across another charity, from anywhere in the world. All of us are so grateful that someone else can shoulder the burden with us. We tell each other what we have delivered, what are plans are, what was needed and their is no shyness in asking another charity if they can help.

Donations of Food

Al Fatiha Global, can accept donations of food and other items to send to Syria, if you are a wholesalers and you wish to make a donation to a registered charity please contact us on our office number 0121 667 1312.

We discourage members of the public from buying food  items from local retailer to send to Syria, as we can enable the same funds help many more people. Members of the Public who wish to donate the cost of a pallet are welcome to either observe, the loading of our container or help on the day.


We are also now collecting clothing, ONLY new and in good condition, can be dropped off at our Birmingham Warehouse (by appointment only) - please contact: 0121 667 1312.

Other drop off points in the UK are:
Leicester: 07808 729179
Newcastle: 07984 181736
Birmingham: 0121 667 1312

Please contact above first to donate any clothing.

Please donate online towards these food pallets and essentials:

Please support us - Your donations will help us to purchase aid and transport these much needed containers those in need.

Funds raised on this page will be prioritised towards the needs identified by our Syrian Partners, (who will inform us the mix of Food, Hygiene, Medical, or Clothing/Shelter that will have the maximum benefit).  Once we have raised sufficient funds to cover the pallet costs, the excess will be utilised towards covering the distribution costs.

Donations Policy

Previous Container Appeals

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