Tuyoor Al-Amal (Birds of Hope)

Tuyoor Al Amal (Birds Of Hope) School, was established by Syrian refugees under the leadership of a former English literature teacher Mustafa Al-Haj in November 2013, opening its doors to 350 refugee pupils living in Dier Ammar near Tripoli, Lebanon.

Today Tuyoor Al-Amal is split over 3 sites, providing for education to over 2,700 displaced Syrian children aged 5 -18, teaching the National Lebanese Arabic Curriculum. There are 112 members of staff including former Syrian teachers and qualified Lebanese teachers, who teach Mathematics, English, Science, Arabic, Art and Physical Education.  

Tuyoor Al-Amal caters primarily for Syrian refugee children, who cannot enrol in formal schools, owing to cost, transportation, discrimination, and language difficulties.  Tuyoor Al-Amal also enrols children of Palestinian refugees and poor Lebanese families who are unable to enrol in formal schools.

The students in our schools are assessed during the school year with four tests and two term exams. At the end of each year, the students are awarded a certificate that explains the students' progress during the school year.

Tuyoor Al-Amal Schools the Fifth Eid festival

Thousands of Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian Children, were able to celebrate Eid, thanks to your donations and the efforts of our volunteer Mohammed Ilyas. You can donate towards Tuyoor Al-Amal Schools in Lebanon below.   

How you can help

The school relies on donations to cover its' cost. many of the teachers in our schools continue teaching, despite the schools' inability to pay them for many months.  We are looking for schools that wish to twin with us and hopefully raise funds for our children.

If you are a teacher, who wants to volunteer as a teacher during UK holidays and are willing to cover your own costs, we can provide you with contact details of the school.