A comprehensive charitable project committed to providing basic needs in a sustainable way.

Across the continent of Africa, essential needs for survival, like access to clean water, food, sanitation, healthcare and lack of education are major causes of disease and infant mortality.  There is a strong correlation between underdevelopment, high infant mortality and fertility rates.

The Africa Project was initiated by Naeem Brisco, Kris X Isa, and Curtis McLean, in collaboration with Al Fatiha Global and suitable local charitable organisations on the ground. It is a series of locally led sustainable development projects that reduce the cost of obtaining essentials like water, food, education and healthcare. 

  • We identify partners that are committed to educating ("educate is to eradicate") and foster a get-up-and-do-it attitude within their local communities.
  • We work with partners committed to eradicating the dependency culture fostered by other NGO's.  
  • We ask for a commitment from those we help to work towards mentally uplifting people and commit to supporting other local organisations.

Local charities identify the need, and The Africa Project works with them to identify solutions that would address the need, minimise the environmental impact and make a positive contribution to the local economy.

The Project initiators have undertaken a commitment to visits the locations, to ensure the work is done thoroughly, and provide evidence for donors, at no additional cost.  Donors pay for the project and the initiators have undertaken a commitment to cover the associated monitoring costs. In order to keep monitoring costs down and facilitate transparency, projects are chosen, at sites where existing communication infrastructure enables significant preparatory work to be assessed from the UK.


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

The first project is aimed at providing clean drinking water in East Africa, any funds collected above the needs for the TAP project will be utilised in subsequent projects.

How much water do you think we use a day:

Social experiment by Curtis McLean