Peoples Charity is a grassroots humanitarian NGO inside Syria, which aims to empower and rebuild Syrian Society.

The People's Charity is an umbrella organisation that supports several different projects inside, by coordinating the efforts of various international charities that have been helping inside Syria for a number of years.

Syrian NGO's that work together under the banner of the Peoples Charity include:

Spotlight Syria is a platform dedicated to giving a voice to the voiceless victims of the Syrian war. Authentic stories right from the people itself. We connect the people in need to those who can help the needy.

Empowerment Centre Syria: is an empowerment and development project for the Syrian women, to learn, grow, smile and empower themselves and each other.

Orphan Mercy: specialises in finding the neediest of orphans and providing them with some hope for a better life. Orphan sponsorships help change lives in the worst of situations and support the single mothers in looking after their children.

Lemon Aid: An agricultural project that allows the Syrian families in the refugee camps to become self-sustainable and independent for the future, by growing and investing in crops and vegetation for themselves.

Meals on Wheels: Serving daily hot meals to refugees, in northern Syria.

If you have a specific project in mind when making a donation, please leave a comment to indicate your preference.   This will enable those entrusted with distributing the aid to act accordingly.

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