The General Humanitarian Fund is used to help complete much needed charitable works for which insufficient funds have been completed.  The Trustees will use their discretion to move additional funds from General Funds to complete any much needed project.

Your donations to this fund will assist in furthering projects in numerous geographical locations (which may include Syria, Palestine. Yemen and Kashmir) and may assist with activities such as food distribution, the provision of education, the provision of water, the provision of tents and medical aid.

In the past General Fund has been utilised to pay for an activity, before the funds have been raised, for example, in the event of a disaster; general fund could be used to pay for food, tents, transport, even before the fund raising campaign has started.

TV and media coverage can skew the publics perception, on where help is needed the most, contributing to the General Humanitarian Fund, enables us to take into account other charities activities and adjust our priorities to maximise the benefit of your donations.