Al-Fatiha Global Trustees are due to leave for the Turkish-Syria Border.

The Chair Mumtaz Ali, will be accompanied by Mr Hussain, who joined the board of trustees in January this year, to finalise arrangement for the distribution of children’s winter clothing. 

The trustees are due to fly out on late Monday the 2nd March, via Birmingham International Airport to Ataturk international airport, and from their will take a connecting flight on Tuesday to Hatay Airport.

In Hatay, the Trustees, are due to visit Oliveria to inspect the children’s clothing packs, and finalise the distribution arrangements with their local supplier up to the Bab al-Hawa Border Crossing on the Turkish-Syria border.

Later they will be travelling to Gaziantep to finalise independent monitoring of Al-Faitha Global children clothing distribution inside Syria.

Monitoring & Evaluating previous distributions will be vital in deciding the contents on up-coming Ramadan Campaign later in the year. The feedback we get from our beneficiaries is used to modify the contents of future campaigns

Mumtaz Ali

Whilst in South-Eastern Turkey Trustees will also be

  • Contacting local (Turkish & Syrian) Al-Fatiha Global volunteers and Syrian refugees in South Turkey to get feedback on previous distributions.
  • After meeting with Syrian Refugees, Trustees will be looking to see which additional needs Al-Fatiha Global can meet using local Suppliers.

A new way of working

The Trustees of Al-Fatiha Global have decided that because the charity is under a statutory enquiry, we will report to the wider public the steps we aretaking to ensure that the Aid for Syria, reaches the intended beneficiaries.  We will also be reporting on the procedures in place to ensure we comply with UK charity requirements and the safeguarding steps we take to ensure our anonymity and security of our volunteers.

Normally this information is only reported to our members, volunteers and donors.