These beautiful Syrian children were so eager to try out their new clothes, once they received our clothing packs. Masha’Allah, they are beautiful children.. These are just a couple of the thousands of children that received these high-quality, custom-made clothing packs from us – made possible by the generous donations of our donors. Their gratitude and appreciation for the new and warm clothing really humbled us to the core and brought us All so much happiness.

Our next eff…ort is already underway, Ramadan in Syria – 2015

Please join us in providing food for the Syrian refugees this Ramadan. By donating £30, you can provide a package of Rice, Sugar, Lentils, Flour, Dates, Cooking Oil and much more. Each item is carefully selected and each pack weighs 35 kg, per family. It’s an excellent value for such a complete and nutritious package.

We will not settle for less than the best for our Syrian brothers and sisters suffering in this 5-year conflict.

You may donate towards a food pack in our Ramadan Campaign

When you have the chance to do good, seize that chance. You never know if that deed will be your ticket to Paradise.

Dr. Bilal Philips