Sadiyah (not her real name) was one of the lucky ones, her family was living in their destroyed home in Aleppo for years, before they were forced to evacuate when their neighbourhood was overrun by fighters, earlier this year. After being carried by her mother and siblings for weeks, her family was offered a tent to sleep in, at Al Fatiha Global’s refugee camp in Northern Syria.

Sadiyah’s family were offered a tent to live in. A tent that had been donated by Islamic Society of Britain, the organisers of Islam Awareness Week from 2016. This tent was collected and sent to Syria, via one of Al Fatiha Global’s container appeals earlier this year.

Sadiyah was welcomed into the refugee camp by being given a much loved second hand cuddly toy, some colouring books, with crayons and a letter written in English, by British School Child, who had donated their toys, that was sent via the shoe-box appeal into Syria earlier this year.

“My teddy helps me sleep without being awoken by Barrel Bombs”

After years of eating only a few times a week, Refugees like Sadiyah, are now able to eat, because of food, donated by HIS church, in the UK.  Al Fatiha Global by partnering with HIS church are able to send regular containers of Aid into Syria.  The Aid is distributed via schools, hospitals and medical clinics in Northern Syria, in Lattakia, Idlib and Aleppo.

Please help keep refugees like Sadiyah, who arrive will little more than the clothes on their backs, keep warm and fed by donating to the Al Fatiha Global Syria Appeal.