Story of Usman 

Like many Syrians, brother Usman along with his wife and 6 children fled to Turkey for safety. They live now in an open field where the entrance to hitheir makeshift home resembles a hole in the wall.

Brother Usman stands out with his bright, radiant smile, expressing gratitude for the Ramadhan food pack and happiness for the visit. His wife bashfully expressed her appreciation while cradling their infant child on an old, dirty couch placed outside their home.

Their children ran around us, excited for the gift, except for a son on a wheelchair. He kept circling around with his soft demeanor and gentle smile. Out of all of them, his kindness touched us most. He was shot by a sniper in the abdomen which left him paralyzed, but his sweet innocence was humbling..

The beauty of the Syrian people, as many will tell you, is that despite the hardship they’re enduring, they are always gracious, grateful and have the words “Alhamdulillah” at the tip of their tongues. Masha’Allah. May Allah’s ease be near.

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By Naida