Al Fatiha Global – Medical Container for Syria 16/08/2015

By the Grace of Allah, we are pleased to announce that Al Fatiha Global has bought three containers of medical equipment for Syria at cost price. This incredible purchase was made possible via a generous discount by some benevolent brothers in the industry.

We need YOUR generous support and donations to help us fundraise to ship the container, and transportation costs. We ask you all to support us in this task to send life saving equipment, resources and medication to Syria. Please donate generously and share with your friends and family, JazakAllah Khair

Update – 01/09/2015

All praise is for Allah and His Beloved صلى الله عليه وسلّم by Whose munificence the first medical aid container has been shipped off to its destination.

My heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who took time out from their busy weekend to help load the container, and a special thank you to the brothers who supplied the aid at a heavily discounted price.

I look forward to more of you joining us in the preparation for the next shipment. Together we can make a difference, however small or large that may be. In’sha’Allah.