Syria Conflict Heats Up

In late 2013, senior medical staff in field hospitals and medical clinics (such as the Aleppo Medical Council) inside Syria informed us that the conflict had spread closer to the Turkish-Syrian Border. In response to this changing situation and as a risk management action plan Al-Fatiha Global Trustees decided that the December 2013 land convoy would only take the aid as far as the Turkish-Syrian border. Other charities also running winter campaigns were advised to reduce the number of aid workers entering Syria to an absolute minimum.

Suspension Of Land Convoys Into Syria

In 2014 as the conflict intensified on the Syrian-Turkish Border, we became more concerned about the prospects of UK citizens attempting to enter Syria via UK charities. Although he was not travelling with Al-Fatiha Global at the time when he was detained within the borders of Syria, our friend Alan Henning’s situation was very much in our minds. To eliminate this risk, Al-Fatiha Global decided it would suspend any further convoys and would no longer partner up with other UK charities for land convoys. December 2013 saw our first few containers of aid donated in the UK sent by ship to Turkey. The contents of these containers are x-rayed by port authorities and then aid is delivered into Syria by Syrian drivers, significantly reducing the risk of harm to our volunteers. Once inside Syria, the aid was distributed by our Syrian partners to refugees most in need.

Since 2014, Al-Fatiha Global, has also been able to source Turkish suppliers for clothes, food and medicine at a price significantly below what other UK charities are paying. Consequently it is no longer cost effective for Al-Fatiha Global, to send aid by land convoy to Syria.

If we are given donated appropriate goods in the UK, we will of course continue to send them by shipping container but our preference is to reduce cost by accepting money and using your generous donations to buy goods more cost-effectively in Turkey and transporting them into Syria.

Should Al-Fatiha Global decide to send a land convoy, it will be announced via our website, otherwise, please do not give to or join any group which is claiming to be running a convoy on our behalf. Any enquiries about our delivery of humanitarian aid should be directed to Mr. Hussain, via our contact page.

At Al Fatiha Global, we strive to maximise the benefit that can be achieved from your donations and aim to do this with Islamic guidelines about the ettiquettes of distributing amanah (trust) to the beneficiaries most in need.