These Syrian children were eager to try out their new clothes.

Masha’Allah, they were so happy, at receiving something we all take for granted, you can see the smiles of joy on their faces.  Most have known little else, except being told by their elders they can't have this, or that, for as long as they can remember.

Even before children received the clothing packs, you could feel the excitement in the air, the happy chatter, the plans for when they would wear them, wondering what colour they would get.

Then each one went silent in anticipation, when they knew their name was going to be called soon. They all said thank you, but it was the expressions on their faces, that made us understand how something costing so little could be worth so much. Watching them run to their loved ones, their friends, their siblings or parents and eagerly telling them the obvious, that they had got some new clothes, packed in a present bag. 

We carried on watching, as one by one the children realised that the bag was also a present, sturdy enough to put the old coats they had taken off and their books inside.  They behaved like the toddlers in the UK, who can't decide if the brightly coloured, exciting packaging was the better present that the toy inside.  

The difference on this occasion was that Al Fatiha Global stipulated that the pack should be sturdy enough to double as a bag for the children. We watched as tears of rolled down the cheeks of some of the mothers that had turned up at the school, because they had all but given up, ever seeing their children wearing something new. 

Before we left, we reminded them, what we said at the beginning, that their teachers were really pleased thay they had carried on attending school, that they had been trying so hard with their studies, that the older kids would help the younger ones learn, that we decided to give the whole school a present.

We told the kids, that because of their hard work, we were going to check other schools and give other kids that work hard similar presents.

Thousands of children have received high-quality, custom-made clothing packs from us, thanks to your generous donations. Their gratitude and appreciation for the new and warm clothing really humbled us to the core and brought us all so much happiness.

Our next effort is already underway.

Please join us in providing food for the Syrian refugees this Ramadan. By donating £30, you can provide a package of Rice, Sugar, Lentils, Flour, Dates, Cooking Oil and much more. Each item is carefully selected and each pack weighs 35 kg, per family. It’s an excellent value for such a complete and nutritious package.We will not settle for less than the best for our Syrian brothers and sisters suffering in this never ending conflict.