Ben Nevis in Scotland, 1,344 meters [4409 feet] on the Tourist Path, the tallest mountain in both Scotland and the British Isles, and the UK as a whole.

Al Fatiha Global Team and volunteers took on the challenge of climbing the mighty Ben Nevis in Scotland, UK’s highest mountain!

A group of 18 individuals took part in this challenge, raising funds for those in need around the world. words from the group guide Shabaz from Freedom Expeditions, “Its the first time a group has summited and got down on time”.

From the group all of mixed ages and abilities, they managed to summit and get back down in 7-9 hours.. a great time for many.

The group started their day on 20th September, at 4:30am, reading the first Prayer, ‘Fajr’, having breakfast to get their energy levels up, and headed to Ben Nevis. After the important team briefing by Shabaz about the mountain, safety protocols, and times, they started the walk at 7:15am.

Scotland has a lot of beauty, individuals stopped to snap the scenery and nature around them, praising the Creator.

The path of Ben Nevis is stony, gravely and sandy, for some a new experience, the team pushed each other, motivating and encouraging, helping each other to make that next step.

The team was dedicated, some new to Al Fatiha Global, they connected well within the group, and got on well with all, hoping to take part in future activities and events.

By 12:30pm the whole group made it to the summit of Ben Nevis, some earlier, the temperatures dropped as low as -2, with high winds, and low visibility, just as we headed down, it cleared up the team took this quick opportunity to take pictures and enjoy the scenery at the top of Ben Nevis.

By 2:30pm some of the team made it down back to Ben Nevis Inn, in a good time of 7 hours, others followed, by 5:00pm the whole group was down, they freshened up, prayed and got some grub! And headed back to the coach, at 6:00pm we set off back to England 

A thoroughly enjoyable experience and weekend by all involved, funds raised to support those in need, memories made, friendships created and more to come from the team of Al Fatiha Global.