Following last Thursday’s meeting between Al-Faitha Global, our suppliers, and the external independent monitors.  The monitoring arrangements for the children winter clothing have been finalised.  Also present was the head of the media production team, charged with recording the distribution and impact of our aid for Syria.

In terms of time-scale, once the “go-ahead” is given by Al-Fatiha Global, Oliveria can get the winter packs loaded and processed for export to Syria by Customs within the same day.  The recent upsurge in fighting means the delays at the Bab al-Hawa Border Crossing, are slightly longer than normal.  But once the packs enter Syria, we are looking at a 2-5 days for them to get to the first distribution point inside Syria.  Obviously this timeline excludes any days the Trucks cannot travel owing to safety concerns.

Al-Fatiha Global Preparatory work to be finalised prior Aid for Syria being distributed.

  • Contracts between al-Fatiha Global and independent monitors are with their respective solicitors.
  • Al-Fatiha Global to update its’ beneficiaries list, so it can finalise the distribution sites.
  • Independent monitors to brief local staff on monitoring arrangements.
  • Oliveria to provide necessary paperwork from Turkish customs confirming aid has been checked and sealed by Turkish customs.  Oliveria to provide paperwork confirming customs seals were intact and aid has left Turkey and entered Syria Via Bab al-Hawa Border Crossing.

 The Criteria for distribution was clarified to the independent monitors, namely.

  • Children attending school,
    It was left to the discretion  of the schools to decide what % constitutes attendance, and each school was free to set its own threshold, Al-Fatiha Global would not set an arbitrary target.
  • Winter packs could be distributed to Host Communities in additional to IDP.
    Past experience had shown that excluding the needy from Host Communities causes resentment and creates additional problems for IDP.  AFG explained that it had witnessed how increased demand (as a result of influx of IDP) for essentials in conflict zones had seen prices pushed up outside the reach of Host Communities and in some cases poor people in Host Communities needs were unmet because external charities identify tents with need.

 Monitoring the Actual Arrangements

Al-Fatiha Global distribution sites, list will be provided once the Aid for Syria has crossed into Syria and is ready to be distributed, the independent monitors would be given a few days notice prior to commencement of distribution of the Aid for Syria.

  • Independent monitors would be present at distribution points and will be encouraged to talk directly to beneficiaries.  Should beneficiaries be unwilling to engage with the independent monitors at any site, Al-Fatiha Global will formally request local councils to ask beneficaries to engage with the monitors.  In return Independent monitors agreed to ensure their actions do not compromise the the anonymity of Al-Fatiha Global volunteers.
  • There would be a follow up visit, within 6 weeks of the initial distribution, to measure the impact of the Aid for Syria.
  • Personal involved in media production, would not record any personal involved in the independent monitoring of the Aid for Syria.  Media personal personal have a history of working in these areas and are aware of the concerns which Al-Fatiha Global volunteers have regarding being recorded.