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ZeenatZeenat is an 85-year-old lady, who lives in Lahore, owing to her age is very weak in additionally to suffering from diabetes, an earlier cardiac attack resulted in her suffering from some brain, which means she is not able to regulate her stools, which she passes uncontrollably every few hours.

Zeenat is looked after by her elderly son, who despite his age had to give up his job as a labourer, so he could look after his elderly mother. He has to clean his mother several times a day and bathe his elderly mother twice every day.

Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,“If a young man honours an elderly on account of his age, Allah appoints someone to honour him in his old age.” (At-Tirmidhi)

Zeenat needs your help, to help cover the costs of her medicine and food, ideally, we would like to cover the cost of a female nurse, so that Zeenat can be looked after in a dignified manner, and her elderly son can go and earn the money to provide for his mothers food and medicine.

Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “By Him in Whose Power my soul is, Allah does not bestow His mercy except on a merciful one.” They (the Companions) said, “All of us are merciful.” The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “Not only that each of you has mercy upon the other, but to have mercy also upon all people.”

Many of us are no longer able to obtain the reward of from our creator for looking after our elderly parents, here is an opportunity to obtain Allah’s mercy by looking after Zeenat.

Items we are looking to provide include: 

  • £35 Monthly Transport cost
  • £47 Adult Pampers (1 months supply)
  • £53 Manual Wheel Chair
  • £95 A Months Rent
  • £100 Medicines (1 month supply)
  • £115 Food Supplement (1 months Supply)

With the exception of the wheelchair, all the above costs are monthly costs. The above list does not include costs like grocery or nursing costs.

This is an appeal for SAWE, so any funds raised in excess of meeting Zeenat’s needs will be given to enable SAWE to support other similar individuals.

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