You know the quote, some people look for a beautiful place and others make a place beautiful. Well today was such a day.

The venue was nothing short of picture perfect, the waters of the lake just outside you would think, we're sparkling in the sunshine, but this was far from the truth, today the lake was beautiful but the sun had taken a very deserving day off and the wind was working it's hardest. The road to the venue normally at ease with cars that absent mindedly going about their business. Nope, not even that most roads today were like the nothing short of dead ends to popular mazes. So I was holding on to the second half of the quote and hoping for explorers to beat the maze. - I wasn't disappointed.

The lovely ladies that attended were elegantly dressed, different yet all the same, only one true desire bonded them. A desire to give, to help, to relax to feel. Such was the afternoon tea event.
Perfectly crafted tables with elegantly decorated teapots, little pockets of sweet favours greeting them with big arms, warm Little letters of encouragement.

Lost in the moment we were when the gorgeous young girl, with the angelic voice, recited heart enlightening words from the divine book. Setting the scene for the afternoon.

A lady with numerous titles, a mother, a doctor, a humanitarian a beautiful heart greeted them with such pearls of wisdom, inspiring in her presence, confident, funny yet unashamedly determined to further the cause.

The cause a simple solution, a small idea close to our hearts, inspiring them to give with theirs. A beautifully crafted video really sharing the plight of the needy. Bringing home the struggle in images, a dialect of torn hopes, small moments of little wants.

Our answer, simply a card, a little bit of life in your hands. A direct aid to someone's need.

Our camp, An answered pray. A sadness converted to a smile.

So small a gesture £5/£10, a nothing to some of us, a blink of an eye- to sleep that's warm, a stomach that's full. A little comfort to the delimitated.

A well timed reminder, which build the tiny gestures, of some wonderful small businesses, to an auction that granted great reward.

Relaxing the atmosphere, allowing guests to learn, share experiences and connect over the, yummy halal. Yes halal sandwiches (you'll know what I mean if you came) delicate little cakes to mesmerise the senses. All rounded off with an assortment of Tea (the pictures do no justice to the tastes).

So once relaxed with stomachs at full, the quiz time arouses a bit competitive tension. "Every girl for themselves" we hear ! Nothing like a quiz to provide a such a punch of excitement, they were sad to hear it was cut short.
A true gladiator of a winner too. - (no lions killed in the making of this one).

All this, In the name of charity and definitely one to be remembered not for the place but as the quote alludes definitely for the people the ones that came and the ones for which they came.

So come have your cake and eat it, but leave a little of your heart. If you came come again then bring friend and this time be a little more beautiful

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You will NOT be disappointed.

Rest assured no fundraiser were hurt in the organising of this event.
If your feeling brave we need you too.