SAWE has been working since 2012, under Trust Act of Pakistan.  SAWE head office is based in Islamabad and operates within the territories of Pakistan, Administratively controlled areas, tribal Area and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

The main purpose of SAWE is to empower and enable the women to achieve sustainable, economic security for themselves and their families by enabling their productive capabilities, social and economic connections through education and professional / skill development training etc.

Please help donate towards SAWE, funds will be used towards the following projects

  1. Women Skills Development Center at Pakistan
  2. Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at Pakistan
  3. Gender Violence at Pakistan
  4. Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Females


SAWE projects, you can support


Is an 85-year-old lady, who lives in Lahore, owing to her age is very weak in additionally to suffering from diabetes, an earlier cardiac attack resulted in her suffering from some brain damage.