My name is Ruhi Loren Akhtar and I am an independent volunteer with a grassroots group called Refugee Biriyani & Bananas. We actively participate on aid missions travelling to refugee camps all over the world as well as supporting refugees and asylum seekers locally and sending containers of aid to war torn countries. Initially volunteering in Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps and then on the Idomeni border, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Serbia and now helping on the Greek Islands with aims help further afield. 
We focus on emergency aid, food, water, shelter, baby products, safety, security and medical aid. 
Why should we help refugees? Because nobody should have to go without. The people we are helping have traveled seas and mountains fleeing war, terror, poverty and oppression. They have lost homes and family members on the way yet they are inspiration and only from them we learn what true courage, strength and love means. If the tables had turned this could be happening to any one of us therefore it is a duty of care for us to help. Even if we can provide those in need with the means of a small piece of comfort, a little bit of warmth or even a smile it is all worthwhile.