Al Fatiha Global is supporting Muslims Support Charity in raising funds to provide 1000 Ramadan Food Packs.

Muslim Support CharityMuslim Support Charity has been active in Pakistan since 2000 and is fundraising to provide 1000 Ramadan food packs, in Pakistan this year.

The Food packs are scheduled to be distributed in Punjab in the districts of Vehari, Hasalpur, Luddon, Burewala and in Mohammed Khan Colony, Karachi, one day before Ramadan begins.

We urge people to take a little out of their income and spend it on the poor and needy who can't afford to eat two meals a day.

Muslim Support Charity identifies beneficiaries that are deserving of Zakat, by seeking confirmation from three independent sources, Local school Headmasters, Mosque Imams, Civic Leaders and works with a local Pakistan Registered Charity to ensure food packs are distributed one day before Ramadan.

We are grateful that God has placed people in the world that spare a thought for our needs. The donors, in helping the poor in this life and sending provisions for themselves in the hereafter, the deeds that benefit the poor will always be accepted by your lord.

Each Ramadan food pack costs £45 and consists of Rice, Flour, Ghee, Tea, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Dates and approx 1000 Pak Rupees towards purchasing fresh vegetables.

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