Charhoi County Hospital, Kotli, AK.

(Tehsil Headquarter Hospital), is the only public hospital in the County of Charhoi, Kotli, Azad Kashmir. This 30-bed Hospital, in the mountainous district of Kotli in Azad Kashmir, is approx 5km from the LOC (Line of Control) near to the Indian border.

Charhoi Hospital made the request for assistance following the tragic death of a newborn baby, whose mother, owing to complications needed an emergency caesarean operation.  Charhoi Hospital did not have the necessary equipment to undertake the procedure and was forced to transport the pregnant mother to Mirpur City, a 60km mountainous journey that took over 2 and a half hours.

Charhoi Hospital is run by Charhoi Welfare Trust, they are making local appeals for neonatal and maternity units and equipment for the operating Theater, to avoid a repeat of this situation and has asked Al Fatiha Global to help with an International Appeal.

Equipment List

  • Operating Theatre Table £1,800, 
  • Operating Theatre Lights £715, 
  • Suction Machine £575, 
  • Ventilator£4,650, 
  • Autoclave Machine £1,300, 
  • Sterilizer/ Boiler £125, 
  • Hot Air Oven £375, 
  • Diathermy/Cautery Machine £800, 
  • Cardiac Monitor £2,175, 
  • ECG Machine £600, 
  • Digital X-Ray Machine £4,675
  • Chemistry Analyzer £3,600, 
  • Hematology Analyzer £750, 
  • Gynaecology Delivery Table £400, 
  • Paediatric Suction Machine £250, 
  • Incubator £1,100,


Thanks to your generous donations, Al Fatiha Global was able to help equip a neo-natal unit and an operating room, photos are included below.

Charhoi Hospital

However the task is not completed, we need to raise funds to, pay for additional medical staff, please support our medical initiatives in Pakistan by donating 

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