Fidyah and Kaffarah are distributed to widows, orphans and the destitute.


This is a major compensation. If a person breaks a fast intentionally or breaks an oath, Kaffarah would then be binding as the form of redemption.

  • If a single Ramadhan fast is broken intentionally, one would need to fast for sixty consecutive days – which is the Kaffarah – and then observe one qadha fast.
  • If more than one fast is broken intentionally, one will be required to compensate with one Kaffarah – by fasting sixty consecutive days – and a qadha fast for each extra fast broken.
  • If one cannot fast due to poor health or old age then one must feed sixty poor persons for a day (i.e. two meals a day is equivalent to a fidyah).
  • This is set at £300

Broken Oath

  • For redemption of a broken oath, a person may provide ten poor persons with two meals in one day.
  • This is set at £50 


This is the compensation for missing Ramadhan fasts due to one being terminally ill or having passed away during Ramadan.

  • The compensation for each missed fast is to give a Fidyah to the poor. (two meals).  For the deceased Fidyah is paid from the estate, and it is given from the 1/3 of the estate that can be donated to charity.
  • This is set at £5